Day 4: Kyoto – Sanjo Dori, Teramachi Dori, Kyoto Station

If you are like us who enjoy MacDonalds and their breakfast, just take note that they only serve it till 10:30am in Kyoto and not 11am. We reached at 10:45am and did not have another chance to try the breakfast again:(

This day was designated as the “shopping” day as we wanted to take a break from temples and mountains. There was not much that was that different but the Sanjo Dori street near our hotel turned out to lead to many other streets with lots of small shops including Teramachi Dori. We also saw signboards leading to Nishiki Market. What was interesting is that there would be small temples nestled right in between shops along these shopping streets.

We soon got tired of window shopping and settled down for some soda ice-cream. Everyone in there was female except for Mr Lillots and another middle-aged guy who was on his own. Quite a few of the females were alone too. It just struck me how lonely city life can get at times. People who would buy a soda ice-cream mustn’t be too pessimistic a person though. As they sit there alone with their drinks, could they be waiting for true love to appear one day?

We passed by a Patagonia store and ooohh, we really want to go there next time! We were jealous that all the sporting gear sold in Japan are just so much nicer! Nicer checks, patterns, colours, than the usual red, grey, black, blue carried by other same-brand stores around the world. Unfair…. But alas, they are also so expensive, so we did not buy any.

We were looking for hiking gear as we were going to tackle one of the hikes listed as Top 100 in Japan but “moderate-difficult”. Apart from slippers, we only have sneakers. The cheapest hiking stick we saw was around 4,000 yen and we decided to wing it and save the money.

Next we headed to Kyoto Station and it was mammoth.  11 storeys of futuristic glory and you can check out the sky garden on Level 11. It is a good place to take in sights of Kyoto.

We visited the basement Porta area which have a good assortment of cheaper restaurants and somehow it seems like udon places are a lot more popular here than ramen shops, which is the opposite in Singapore. We rounded up our day by passing by a sundae store which sold a 50,000 yen TOWER sundae. And a place which sold a 3,900 yen bullet proof screen protector for an iphone. I can really imagine the good use for that. When a gun is pointed at you, not to worry, you have the special screen protector to protect you!


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