Day #1 of Sabbatical

First day of rest and restoration! I am so excited to start my new regime.

09:00: I took a class on Meditative Breathing from Art of Living about a month ago. Never found the time to practice it daily and now I can:) Breathe~~~~ So Hum!

09:30: Never found the time to do quiet time with the Lord and study the Word and now I can:)

As I was reading, I was struck by the poetry of the Proverbs:

“Who has gathered the wind in his fists?

Who has wrapped up the waters in a garment?

Who has established all the ends of the earth?”

What powerful imagery! And then I came to “Every word of God proves true… Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar”. Hmm, this got me thinking, how many words of the Bible are truly that of the Holy Father and Son? Often times bible interpretation can be confusing and divisive and perhaps just focusing on the actual words of God can help cut through the noise and clutter.

Google is my best friend and voila, I found someone who has done that for Jesus’s words here.

It was also very striking that the ODB passage for the day was on “God had other plans”.

Proverbs 16:9 says “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

It really spoke to me as I do not have much concrete plans for this Sabbatical break yet and I pray for God to guide and refine me during this period of rest. My personal goal is to learn how to find lasting joy and fulfilment and be happy:)

11:00: I did a bit of internet surfing as I waited for my TCM appointment for my neck.

11:30: I have been waking up with a massive headache and pain in my neck. I thought the pillow was a culprit but after switching around a few, the problem got worse. The lady told me that she had to move my bones back in place again as they have been misplaced. Ouch. And she really did! Something that was really interesting in this session was that she found a spot near my spine and said, there is a big ball of qi here that is a result of severe anger.

I was shocked. I had been feeling a lot of anger and angst due to work issues and I had no idea that the chinese phrase for being angry (生气 which literally means to grow “qi”) is literally true. The qi had to be dispersed and when it was done, the same spot really had no more feeling of pain. I have passed my anger phase but yet the negativity trapped in my body was physically still around. She explained that was the cause of many people getting cancer these days as well as they didn’t take care of their own mental and physical health. She taught me how to literally dispel bad qi from the body the next time I felt angry and this only made me feel all the more amazed at how chinese sayings hold so much truth in simple words.

心平气和 literally means to quieten down the heart and harmonise the energy. This is what I would be working on during this period of rest!

12:30 It was lunch time and I grabbed some 板面. I am a noodles person:)

1:30 I went to bed to take a nap because I can! Whee!

3:30 I woke up and struggled to wake up. I can feel the sore aches from the TCM session. Aikes. I decided to take the time to chronicle my day down and here I am!

4:45 I am going to get ready to meet my friends for my farewell dinner in Chinatown. Good food and company always works for me. Love it.

I am happy with my Day#1!


6:00 I was waiting for a friend as I arrived in Chinatown early and I wandered into the Visitor Center. Stories of the Samsui woman who were the early construction workers from China with their distinctive red scarves and vows of singlehood brought back memories of my childhood where there was a Channel 8 drama on their stories. There was also a new temple here called the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and while it was beautiful on the outside, the insides were really opulent. It was dazzling but I could not help but feel a little uncomfortable at the no-expenses spared route taken by these temple builders to promote Buddhism.

imageBeautiful like a Kyoto Temple but not as spiritual

6:30 My good friend arrived and even though she is Italian, she is often my local guide bringing me to interesting new places in the city I grew up in. Today it was 怡心轩 teahouse. We ordered a green tea and a white tea (which I just learnt has more anti-oxidants than green tea!) and a green tea snack which has red beans in there. It was delicious and we talked about how in Singapore it was strange that Starbucks would be packed and not a cultural place like this. As a Chinese, I also know such things are not so popular among peers who are more into western cafes or bars. But well well, I love it! Getting back to my Chinese roots is fun:)

8:00 Next was my farewell dinner with my dear ex-colleagues at 慈缘轩健康素食 which sells organic vegetarian food. Honestly it is the best vegetarian food I have tried in Singapore! Usually there is a lot of starch and fried stuff but this was healthy and delicious. Totally helps in my desire to cut down on meat intake and do my part for the animals. It was so nice to see them all again and it was not too nice to hear of the troubles and frustrations faced at work. This only affirmed my choice to go and I hope my friends will also find their peace and happiness at work soon!

image (1)

Delicious mango wrap


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