5-Minute Art

One day, I decided that I am going to make better use of my iPad. Especially since I have time on my hands to explore new things. After googling around for the best Art applications, ArtRage came up tops.

I have never learnt how to paint nor taken any art classes. However, I always looked up to the great artists who can draw emotions out of their brushes or carving tools. How are they able to do that?

Then I realized that I was limiting myself in my thoughts again. On a whim, I decided to focus on making quick 5-minute art pieces. It seemed like a smaller hurdle to cross when looking at all the talented artists around. It also suited my personality since I am more of an impressionist at heart; I prefer to capture a mood or emotion rather than being realistic.

The interface of the app was really easy and intuitive to use and I appreciated that there were very variations that could be made to capture a certain feel or texture.

I played around the app and as I thought of you, I did this piece. You are like my sunshine!

love is you

I really like the watercolour paintbrush function, as we could evoke Chinese calligraphic styles to paint these:

Painting Title_002 My impression of a flower rising up the waters

Painting Title_003

I really love this piece by you and the details of the seeds flying

It is really fun to draw using this tool! I used it again to make a backdrop my own Christmas card:

Painting Title_007-2

I know that I would need to learn how to throw away my old mental mindsets of what I can and cannot do. Wish me courage!


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