Day 4: Yuantan, Alishan

Our host told us that if the weather is good, we would have been able to catch the sunrise from our room’s balcony. I woke up excitedly half an hour before the stated sunrise timing and pulled open the curtains. It was already so bright! IMG_7251The mountain’s fresh air was refreshing though. Undaunted by this early defeat, we washed up and headed out to check out the surroundings of this minsu which has been named as “Walk Cloud” (I suppose they had meant walking on clouds).

As I was putting on my shoes, I heard a familiar tune coming from the outside. They were playing Hayao Miyazaki’s music! It was the theme song of Castle in the Sky. That put me into a very good mood right away.

This is the reception area where there is a long table for playing chess and drinking Chinese tea. It was so nice to just sit and look out the window from here.


There were many little cute and quaint nooks and corners where little gnomes and animals have settled down.



This minsu was opened by a family who used to be in the tea plantation business, so they were planting tea right behind where we stayed.


I also spotted a face hiding out here. Sneaky!


Thanks to our helpful host, he recommended taking us up to a 360-degree viewing point before dropping us off at the ecological park where there are some light trails. We had extremely good weather that morning and check out the view! Rows and rows of tea are in the foreground.


We could not resist doing some epic jumps here:



Even the baby could not resist joining in the fight:


Here is our friendly local host who even brought along a tea set and coffee flavoured plums (the most delicious tea snack)!


We were dropped off at a bamboo trail which reminded me of Arashiyama in Kyoto. Which again made for good kungfu backdrops:


The weather took a fast turn by the time it was lunch and fog engulfed us. It was hard to imagine that the clear blue skies were real just a few hours ago. In this fog, you could either meditate or…


Yes, flying is a way of travel and adventure for us!


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