5-Min Art: The strange house on the hill

Around 5 years ago, I just got to know my husband, Kenneth. One day, he messaged me and shared a video with me. It was La Maison en Petits Cubes by Kunio Kato (watch it via here). I was in office at that time and as I watched this film with no spoken words, I embarrassedly reached for my tissue box and discretely wiped away my tears before anyone could see me.

The film made my heart ache in a bittersweet way and I grew to like Kenneth a little more after that day.

A few days ago, we decided to watch this short film again together. I was wiping away tears again and it was the same feeling as I watched the initial minutes of the Disney film, Up. When Up came out, we were already a couple and we held hands tightly in the cinema as we watched the couple in the show play, grow old and be heartbroken when the wife died, leaving the old man behind.

We too, want to go on adventures and grow silver hairs together. No matter how old we look outside, we want to never grow up but always look and interact with the world with the same wonder as children do.

Yesterday, I received a text. “Draw me something”, Kenneth said. I thought about it, and decided to draw something in tribute to the short film we watched.

The night sky is never static. Swirling shades of darkness that empty out into the universe and distant stars breathing out light in rhythm. You could hear the sounds of the waves, coming back and forth, lulling you to sleep. I would kiss your hair and hold you closer as the cold wind blows. I love you so much, beebee:)

Painting Title_019


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