Last Day: Leaving Taiwan and Transiting for 4 Hours in Vietnam

“IT IS 5 AM!!!” shrieked Weiquan as he saw the time of his watch. We were supposed to have left at 4:15am to take the 4:30am bus to go to the airport.

I have never, ever, got up as quickly in my entire life. Packed all my belongings, brushed my teeth and packed my luggage in 10 minutes flat. It was a new record.

“You know, I thought you would wake up on time! Because you always do!” Weiquan laughed as all 3 of us waited for the elevator. He was right. I have never been so irresponsible before taking a flight in my entire life. I guess there is a first in everything.

The morning shock woke all of us up and we hurried onto the roads to look for a taxi. We finally got into one and felt at peace again as we were no longer in danger of missing our flight. Then sadness took over. This is the end of our holiday in Taiwan. I think it is true that the bigger the joy, the sadder the goodbyes.

To save money, we had booked flights on Vietnam Air and a 4 hour transit awaited us in Ho Chi Minh City. The night before at Eslite bookstore did us good as we were equipped with some good books. We soon settled down into an airport cafe which overlooked the runway. There was no one else, but the 3 of us sitting among 15 tables. I ordered a Vietnamese coffee and propped up my legs on a chair to start my reading.


Kenneth on one side was instagramming his pictures, and Weiquan feeling morose as he took more pictures of the airplanes that were sitting there waiting.

IMG_7776Waiting is an interesting state to be in. If there was certainty at the end of it, you could either be really happy or sad depending on whether you like what is to come. If there was uncertainty, there is so much more room to play as you pretty much choose your response. Instead of waiting, you could be creating that next opportunity. That day, we were all too tired and a little sad to do anything truly special.

4 hours eventually passed. It was time to pack up our feelings and return to life back home.

Till the next adventure!




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