100 Happy Days / Day 4: Play & Play

photo-3#100happydays / Day 4: Jong Jong ran up to me with a big cheeky smile on his face. He seldom gives me such an immediate warm welcome; so I am happy. He looks with great interest at the big soundboard I have in front of me, and asked to stand on the seat beside me. There are many many buttons with shiny coloured lights that control the vocals and instruments that would resound within the sanctuary.

He pushes the volume knob on the channels to go up and down, never getting tired of the same motion. I allow him access to 3 unused channels and he is delighted as he sees the corresponding knob on the left side of the soundboard move in tandem with his hand movements.

Soon, he sees my phone and picks it up. He knows where is my games folder and where to find the Tower Defense game. I do not know why he is most fascinated with this game since he does not quite understand how to play. But it is ok. In the world of little children, play is just play. And we just want to keep playing.



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