100 Happy Days / Day 9: Love

photo-72.5 years ago, I married the love of my life 🙂 It feels like we have been married for longer than that and I am happy this is so. I woke up this morning and looked at him; sleeping just like a child. My heart can’t help but just expand and fill up with more love. You know, the Chinese word for happy is 开心; which literally means to open your heart. When we see each other every evening, I feel a lot of joy.

The traditional Chinese word for love is written as 愛, which comprises of 心 (heart) and 友 (friend). I believe that means you give your heart to a friend, which is really a beautiful expression. K is my best friend and we can talk about anything together, for hours and hours. He knows what I am thinking from a single change of expression and I like to make funny faces at him.

The simplified Chinese word for love is written as 爱. Somehow when China simplified the characters to improve literacy, they dropped the heart but kept the friend. Interesting to ponder why, isn’t it? Could this be part of the reason why people start to believe that love naturally fades in marriage? That passion will dissolve till it becomes merely a form of kinship? Is the word reflecting reality or shaping reality? I don’t believe this is the inevitable reality and I have no interest to believe in it.

If each single day, we resolve to love each other just for this day, wouldn’t we reach the end of days still deeply in love?

I love him more today than any other day that passed before us. More than the day we got married, more than the day we fell in love. I love him for his pure heart, and he continues to guard it, just as he simplifies mine. This is very precious to me. As one together, I am very thankful that we are growing closer and aligning ourselves bit by bit at the core, while spreading our branches outwards in diversity.

I know I am blessed because I am loved. I know there is a God because He gave me you. Thank you for the love. I love you very much, K!


2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days / Day 9: Love

  1. When I think of what I want to do with my life, part of that internal debate inevitably goes back to the question: What can I not do without? Usually the first thought that comes to my mind is… Internet. Looking at the amount of reliance I have on the Internet, it is certainly something that, when removed, usually causes some sort of trauma to my brain and leaves me momentarily paralyzed.

    But when I seriously think about this, I know that there’s really quite a lot I can live without. I don’t need a big house, or a car, or even much food for that matter. And certainly I don’t need Internet (ok maybe still a little). But what has changed ever since I met you is that I cannot do without your presence in my life – your beautiful mind, your beautiful smile, and all the lovely words that form in your heart and escape from your lips. I cannot do without your footsteps next to mine when we embark on the adventure that is our lives, and I cannot do without your love, which you have freely given to me and allowed me to take absolutely for granted, just as I hope I have given to you as well. In our favourite fantasy world, you are really my Sam Gamgee, and I hope I’m your Sam Gamgee too.

    Because I cannot do without you.

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