100 Happy Days / Day 26

15127_10153776666880328_354674467_n#100happydays : Day 26: I opened the door for Nuf and a gust of cool air blew onto us.

“Looks like good weather for cycling”
“Yes! You should go!”

I wasn’t planning to cycle this morning as usually I would go for 2-3 hours and I had things I wanted to do this morning. However, the wind was inviting.

Without a destination, I started pedaling and I came to Punggol Park. There must have been 100 people here. It made me happy to unexpectedly see so many people out and about, enjoying their morning. Perhaps, the wind had invited them too.

I see mothers pushing their babies in their prams and domestic helpers pushing old grannies and grandpas in their wheelchairs. I see a shirtless uncle resting in the pavilion and another closing his eyes in silent meditation.

I see a group of primary students listening to the teacher, while runners go by them. I see Qigong groups in 2 shaded spots, sweeping their arms gracefully as the music soars in the background.

I see a man and woman, facing each other. I don’t know if they are gesturing animatedly, learning sign language or doing a new form of exercise. Their arms turning circles in the air.

I see a young man sitting on a rock, looking out at the pond. I see old grannies on benches, looking at each person that passes, as the one sittting next to them fingers their phone.

I see people at the sports stations, swinging their legs back and forth, and it looked like they were about to glide off in the air.

I see long shadows cast by the morning sun, coloring the grounds with its handiwork.

I see a cat, resting below a tree, looking ahead. As I approached, it stared at me, and walked off into the distance.

For a moment, I felt like I am a cat too.


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