100 Happy Days / Day 27 – 29

#100happydays / Day 27: “Wake up and let’s go exercise!” My mum declared this at 6:40am.

I struggled for 3 minutes before finally getting up. The reward is that we enjoyed a cool morning walk around the field before eating breakfast. And she was praised by the Qigong aunties for looking young and beautiful. That made my mum really happy!



#100happydays / Day 28: Love is a strange thing. It gave me the best and worst experiences of my life. I was trying to recall a song I used to listen to; at an age when I thought about whether I would eventually meet someone I could love. There are other songs I don’t listen to anymore. There are songs that made me feel everything is gonna be ok, when they were not.

As I thought about what Valentine’s Day is, the image that came to mind is not one of roses and chocolates. It is one of an old couple holding hands. This was first planted in my head by Kenneth Lau, at a time before we were together. He was in Spain and he texted me when he was at a park. “I saw an old couple holding hands and that’s so sweet”. That was one of the moments when I grew to like him more.

Another moment was when he shared this video by Kunio Kato with me, called La Maison en Petits Cube. http://youtu.be/O_2Sc8fD_Kc

I remember watching this at the office and having to embaressedly wipe away my tears before anyone could see me.

As we fell in love, I felt that 我又初戀了! 阿信 says it best here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxieAGATB8c

Love is a beautiful thing. Hence, I am wishing all of you not just a Happy Valentine’s Day, but many happy days ahead with love.

祝大家有情人终成眷属。还没遇见对的人的朋友,转角就会遇到爱!Oh Yeah!

#100happydays / Day 29: 超好吃的太空面包!



We don’t always cook
But when we do… 😀



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