100 Happy Days / Day 30 – 37

#100happydays / Day 30: Great time of worship and sharing at church today. I am reminded that we should always put first things first!



#100happydays / Day 31: 今天我感到特别热血!热得象门外的太阳一样;忍不住就要爆发。热,热,热!来吧,燃烧起来的心。启动了!



#100happydays / Day 32: It feels really good to wake up before dawn because you want to! I am not usually an endurance training kind of girl but this time round, I decided to go for it  Expanding the comfort zone is exhilarating!



#100happydays / Day 33: I know that some years down the road, I will miss this particular weekday afternoon where I took the time to sit at a nice cafe to have a cup of coffee. No rush, no worries.



#100happydays / Day 34: I always experience a sense of awe when watching the sunrise or sunset. The amazing light that is so powerful that can light up every inch on earth. Even when it turns its face away, its light continues to reflect upon the moon to give a soft reassuring glow to the inhabitants here. How many poets from old have paid tribute to this same moon on that long and lonely night?

Then, I saw an eagle soar above me; as the rest of the birds chattered away, flying around each other in circles.

Life is beautiful  Thank you God for giving us the sun which enables life; and each person 24 hours to spend each day. TGIF to all!



#100happydays / Day 35: It was so nice having Henrietta back in Singapore and seeing Haybee in her new apartment with cute baby GH! We topped it off with 食神 that just reminded us of how awesome 周星驰 is. Even though we didn’t have 黯然销魂饭,the steamboat was a pretty close second  Thanks for hosting us!



#100happydays / Day 36: The waters on Upper Seletar Reservoir were glowing as the red swirling dragon kite flew in the distance. It was nearing midnight and we were halfway through our long walk.

Several couples were enjoying their evening. A few wild dogs were barking their conversations with one another. For a moment, we contemplated what we would do if they came at us! Thankfully they didn’t.

“Let’s take the longer Old Upper Thomson Road to Casuarina Prata!” I was reluctant at first as my legs were kinda aching. But heck, OK let’s do it!

Around midnight, 2 cars came in the opposite direction. A guy had a quarter of his body sticking out of the car and hair flying in the wind, just like in the movies.

“Woohooooo!!!” he waved as his friend took a picture of 3 of us walking on this deserted road. There in that moment, there was only pure joy in the air among kindred spirits.

As the night wore on, we started singing and the more we sang, the more awake we became.

Anticipation was building up for supper. We reached our destination and found that … Casuarina was closed!! Argh.

An awesome night-morning cannot possibly close in this manner. Back in our neighborhood, people were still queuing for Punggol Nasi Lemak when we finally got our replenishment. So, there are many night owls in Singapore!

I am feeling more confident about the upcoming Charity walk that we hope to go for. Till our next training session!

#100happydays / Day 37: Thank you Jasmine, Dennis, Jit for coming to feed us with so much good food! Thank you Jayden for drawing so many pictures! But you always erase them so quickly so I only have Kor Kor Kenneth’s drawing left. Come and draw your crocodile the next time round!

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