100 Happy Days / Day 38 – 44

#100happydays / Day 44: After many months of waiting, the Orchid flowered again! Delicate in its beauty; tenderness in its buds.

The Dill, a cutting taken from its mother; feeding on pure sunlight and water. Relentlessly sprouting roots and leaves in days and weeks; raw fighting to not just survive but to thrive.

Neither is better than the other; neither is too fast nor too slow. Each has its own path; each has its own time. Just like each of us living on this pale blue dot.


#100happydays / Day 43: Sunday close: Smash, Smash, Smash, Smash!!


#100happydays / Day 42: 24km of early morning trekking in beautiful parts of Singapore! Most importantly with happy people:)


#100happydays / Day 41: First fruits of labor from wheel throwing! Eggcited to see how they will turn out after the glazing and re-firing:)


#100happydays / Day 40: Mega pleased with our acrylic works  😀 #nofilter


#100happydays / Day 39: It was nice having a midweek lunch and movie outing with mum!

Watching Hong Kong movies brings me back to a time and era when the world was a little different. The same actors and actresses, the same kind of 阿Q-ness, the same kind of surprising cameo appearances by the A-listers.

That was the era when I used to watch movies at $4.50 as a student, and now that same price is for my mum’s senior discount.

At the end of the movie, my mum said it was actually not the movie she had in mind. I had booked the wrong show with the same actress, 吴君如 in it! Well, well, at least I got the comedy genre right 🙂


#100happydays/ Day 38:

“Where there is freedom, there is happiness.”

Dedicating today’s post to the Kiev protestors who still find it in themselves to make a happy video in order to demonstrate their cause. With more awareness and international pressure, hopefully brutal violence would stop. May peace be restored.


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