100 Happy Days / Day 45

1656071_10153851643780328_637910993_n#100happydays / Day 45: See that dark shadow in the picture? I didn’t notice it at first when I took the picture. Now that I have seen it, I remember it is there and I can’t focus as much on the pretty food on the platter.

Isn’t life sometimes like that? We can’t easily let go of things that weigh on our minds even though we know we should not let them affect us. Of course it is easier said than done.

Yet, I know this is when insistence is necessary. To be insistent in making a deliberate choice to rise above it and let go of negative thoughts. To know that darkness breeds more darkness; and light breeds light.

To make a choice to crop the dark shadow out of the picture and focus on what is good.

To put on tinted glasses when the picture is so harsh and to choose to see the good and ignore the bad.

All because life is precious and each day never ever comes again. Don’t lose any moment in defeat. It’s not worth it. After the darkest hour, dawn will come again. It really will!


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