100 Happy Days / Day 47

20140306-222636.jpgThere are many firsts for today.

First time drawing a portrait (that is supposed to be Aishwarya Rai by the way!)

First time packing a backpack to last a 40-day trip.

First day denying myself the pleasurable distraction of keeping myself entertained through Facebook.

What I discovered is that everything, no matter how difficult it may look, can be learnt. Using standard proportions, all the students managed to draw some semblance of a portrait. It’s far from good, but decent enough for a first attempt! Moral of the story is to always take the first step to try šŸ™‚

As for the backpack, well, I have always been travelling with a suitcase. This time round, I have to go ultra minimalist and cater for the changing seasons of winter through spring. Moral of the story is that when push comes to shove, we can live with much less than we thought we could.

There were at least 5 times today when I would normally have clicked on the Facebook icon to while my time away. But I didn’t. Did I miss out much? I don’t know and won’t know. The world moves on and I fill my time reading a book and connecting with people on a one to one basis, instead of “liking” a post or leaving a comment. Moral of the story is that real life connection is more rewarding!

This expansion of comfort zone is making me feel alive and on my toes. Tip toe, tip toe, and few hours to go. Till our flight to Japan! Jya mata ne!



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