100 Happy Days / Day 53: Mystery of Yoga in Hakuba

This morning, we chatted with 3 other guests from Hong Kong over our Hokkaido-butter-on-bread breakfast. They were eating some delicious looking microwave food from Lawsons, the convenience store. We realized just how hard it is to have a proper breakfast conversation with people who are eating much better food than you, and so resolved to pay a visit to Lawsons later for our dinner.

It was Day 2 at Goryu and we explored the more popular Escal Plaza side of the mountain. To our delight, we discovered that the base center there had lots of eateries and (more importantly) cheap hot cocoa from the vending machine. Great start for the morning!



After a whole morning of snowboarding, we were famished and very much ready for lunch! Since we hardly had any veggies yet in Japan, we headed to Subway and grabbed 2 prawn and avocado sandwiches. Next to Subway, there was a long queue for Italian gelato.

Who eats ice cream on such a cold winter day? We were perplexed as we sat down to eat. Soon, however, we realized that many people do indeed eat ice-cream on a cold winter day, and food envy once again set in as we watched scoop after scoop being handed over to smiling customers. Kenneth was tsking at me when I suggested the unthinkable, but seeing how quickly he gobbled up the mango half of my mango-strawberry double-scoop, I knew he must have secretly wanted to eat too! So anyway it was a happy lunch with lots of energy-boosting carbohydrates!


By the end of the day, we improved more but the steeper slopes were still a challenge for me. Slow and steady, I told myself. Progress should not be hurried!

Rita, the working-holiday staff from Taiwan, was chatting with another Taiwanese guy (Josh) by the fireplace when we got back, so I took the chance to ask about Yoga, 林宥嘉. It turned out that he shot one of his music videos in Hakuba and there were even scenes of Meteor lodge and of Tetsu-San as an extra! Excitedly, we searched for the video and turns out it is for the song 拾荒 (Vultures). At 2:08, the guy looking pensively at the moon is Tetsu-San and where Yoga was standing at 2:25 is the Meteor Lodge’s living room! The same spot where I took a picture of Mrs Tetsu, a day before. Rita tells us that Tetsu-san is really proud of this music video and he shows it to as many guests as possible. During the shoot, he was perplexed about the song’s meaning as everything looked morose, but I must say he played his part really well even without understanding anything! Till now, no one has yet interpreted the song for him. It’s quite amazing really, how a simple opportunity to be an extra in a music video can have such a lasting impact on someone’s life! I guess we all want to have something we can be proud of. Tetsu-san is certainly very proud of his Meteor Lodge, and I would be too, if I were him. It’s such a lovely place.

Yoga filmed here during summer, and from the videos we could tell that Hakuba possesses a completely different but equally striking beauty after the snow melts. Perhaps we may return again for hiking and rafting!

Japan = Love 🙂


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