Whatever We Are, Be A Good One

Came across this quote on the interwebs:

Whatever you are, be a good one.

In this great adventure of life that we find ourselves in, it’s often hard not to suddenly stop dead in our tracks and turn to each other with that look of dread in our eyes, wondering just where the heck we are heading. There’s a swirling mist ahead, a swaying roadsign pointing (and turning) in all directions, and it looks like it’s going to rain. Real hard.

Or sometimes we realize we’ve been traveling on this nice straight road for as long as we can remember, and we peel our eyes into the horizon and all we can see is this road that just goes on and on and on, with no end in sight. No trees, no bus stop. No one else but us.

Where are we going, exactly? Will we ever reach somewhere? And even if we do, will we find ourselves in Rivendell, or Mordor? Really, we will never know. We’ve decided that it’s not our life to just stay put in the comforts of the Shire, and now we’re on our own, backpacks and walking poles and a very modest amount of bread, hoping that we’ve made the right choice. Or at least, a right choice. Or maybe just hoping we won’t get devoured by some foul creature the moment we step beyond this world we know.

But of all the things we don’t know and can’t control, there is one single, tiny thing that we can – and that is ourselves. So whatever we are, whatever we do, wherever we go, let’s be good. Be good at what we choose to do or find ourselves doing. But more importantly, be a good person no matter what.

What we choose to do isn’t likely to make us rich, and may not even fill our stomachs all the time. But we do it because there is something deep in our hearts that propels us forward, something that quietly whispers, “Go.” So let’s be good at it. Let’s tear away the cobwebs that bind us and terrify us, and press on, if only just to see how far our little legs can take us. Let’s search every inch of that large stone door for that elusive keyhole until it opens, out of sheer effort on our part, or good fortune, or pity. And when we really need to fight, let’s fight like our lives depend on it. Because our lives depend on it.

But let’s also not forget to be good – to the lives around us, to each other, and to ourselves. Because it’s the only way we can keep our souls alive. When we barely have enough money to survive, let’s remember to still give. When we achieve victories, big or small, let’s remember to be humble and grateful. When we face those who hurt us, let’s remember to be gracious, to still want the best for them. When we are not at our best (which happens most of the time), let’s remember to still love each other blindly and wholeheartedly, and to always have each other’s backs. And when we feel our bodies falling apart, let’s remember to stop and rest; and every once in a while, to look up in awe and joyfulnes at all the beauty that surrounds us.

It’s going to be a great adventure, even if we never really know where we are going, or what will become of us in the end.

But we really only have enough time in our lives for this one great adventure, so, whatever we are, let’s be a good one.

By Kenneth


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