73: I Open My Eyes And Everything Is Beautiful

Spring is in the air! The beautiful boulevard near the studio, tousai no michi, has been completely transformed.


Sakura, otherwise known as cherry blossoms, are famous for their striking and temporal beauty, and particularly celebrated in Japan. I have decided to change my morning routine to admire the blossoming buds for as many times as I can before they all fall and return to dust again.



Spring is simply so delightful! No wonder it’s the favorite season for most Japanese. Old and young alike emerge from their winter hibernation each year to marvel and revel under rows of blossoming splendor. I can’t help but overflow with joy at the sight of such generous, exuberant beauty!

Back at Home of Clay Arts, sensei starts off the day with a series of demonstrations. First, slip decoration. With slip, many different kinds of patterns can emerge. I decide to create a little rain on the slabs which I built last week.


Sensei goes on to show me how to do tebineri, which means pinching. I really like the hand formed look and feel so I am very psyched that I will now be able to make cups and bowls with this method!


Sensei is really on a roll now, as he moves on to mentori, which is face cutting. My laundry wishlist is all getting fulfilled! I watch with trepidation the knife brandished in his hand, not sure if I’m more worried for the clay or for my own safety!


Thankfully when it is time for me to take over, I find out that the knife is only sharp on clay! Now I can ruthlessly cut away everything that is not supposed to be there, just like what Michelangelo did with his marble sculptures 😀

It is amazing what a little trimming, decoration or sculpting can do to transform the impression made by a piece of clay. I am so happy that I am learning so much here! Again, I have to thank sensei’s generous and nurturing spirit, and Naoko san’s ceaseless patience in translation!


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