#100HappyDays / Day 92: The Earth Isn’t Flat

The Earth Isn’t Flat. For some, this means walking for hours to get to water sources, to earn a living or to reach a doctor.

The Earth Isn’t Flat. With the mighty power that resides within its deepest cores, it can shake its grounds and move its tides leaving thousands dead, wounded and homeless.

The Earth Isn’t Flat. Neither are opportunities and resources equally available to all. And this is why we decided to help in our very small way to support Oxfam in their disaster relief and community development work.

The Earth Isn’t Flat. Neither is the 100km trek over 48 hours that we’ll be embarking on to raise funds for Oxfam! It will mean little or likely no sleep, crazy hiking up and down hilly ranges and trekking through the dark nights with only our headlamps to reach the destination. It won’t be easy at all but how can it even compare to what the less fortunate around the world have to go through?

There is something all of us can do in order to make a difference to someone else’s life.

Join us to give a hand up to those who need it! Our target is to raise a minimum of 120,000 yen (S$1,500) by 16th May 2014. You can donate directly to Oxfam via this link and our team number is 316!

Or you can also let the team know via our Facebook page about your name, address, phone number and donation amount so that Oxfam can issue you a receipt. Any amount helps!

To complement our fundraising efforts, we have also created a beautiful team t-shirt and we would love it if you also want to own one for yourself. It is priced at S$40 and proceeds net of cost will go towards this lovely cause. Multiple colours are available! Please leave a comment  for more details. Order deadline is May 2 (Fri).


Thank you so much! Your support will help lift lives all over the world and definitely give us a boost in moral support to tackle this gruelling 100km challenge. You can follow our little adventure on this Facebook page

Do pass and share this message along! Thank you! Thank you!



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