#100HappyDays / Day 93: Feeling Safe

Out of the blue, my brain fast forwards into a future in the middle of our conversation. One that has uncertainties left right and centre; and many what-ifs. Maybe it is the hot afternoon weather that makes me feel irritated. Or maybe it is just my hormones acting up.

I really dislike such moments because it makes me want to cut short any conversation with this person I love the most in case emotions spill into a place I cannot retrieve. He has never allowed me to fall into that zone or even be near there though.

I know I should get away and clear my head a little but I also know he would be feeling lost if I just stop replying abruptly. So we continue to talk.

After I rambled on for some time, I say, “You know I love you right? And I know you love me.” This is something that no matter how different our views, we can always agree upon.

And then we talk. And talk. And as it is with many things in life, eventually you reach a point where you have nowhere to turn except to face the biggest and most important questions. This is the cue to pause the firing neurons and manipulative hormones. And then everything is good once again.

We can disagree on many viewpoints but we do not raise our voices or be nasty to one another. We seek a lot to understand and to be understood. And I can only do so because I know I am cocooned in a safe place. A safe sanctuary where there is always so much love no matter what circumstances we are in. There can be many things I fear but I do not have to fear being unable to speak my mind or being misunderstood. And I am thankful and happy that there is someone who always keeps me safe.

Please always keep me safe!


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