100 Happy Days #94 – Cycling Backwards

Today, we discover the joy of cycling backwards, seat at its lowest, both legs on the ground. The joy of anything, really, when you are in the company of such a happy and crazy kid! Armed with his brand new Yedoo balance bike, John is out on his first day of cycling and he is happy! But he is also going at a really really slow and deliberate pace, so we decide to demonstrate to him just how to ride a balance bike…using our own bikes (with some adjustments)! He picks it up surprisingly fast, and before long he is chasing after us, weaving drunkenly along the pavement trying to crash his bike into ours.


OK. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea to teach a kid to crash his bike into things, but good thing is, he’s not our kid! We’ll just have to let his wonderful parents slowly reverse the damage we’ve done. That’s what parents are for, right?

And this is what little kids like John are for – to show us that life is wonderful, that joy is boundless, and that there is an innocent child inside every single one of us, waiting to burst out and live life the way it should be lived – with a big smile on our faces!



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