100 Happy Days / Day 97: Daily Bread

I am a breakfast type of girl. Eating the first meal soon after I wake up has become a ritual I look forward to. I do not function too well without first replenishing my empty stomach and a good breakfast sets off the day on the right foot.

I cannot recall when was the first time I started a new morning routine; but this one is infinitely better!

I spend time quietly by myself and I start with the daily reading from the Bible in One Year app. I really enjoy spending this time unhurriedly. I like that each day I can devote some time to thinking about a key message and I get to read through selected relevant passages from the wisdom literature, old and new testament. Some days it takes half an hour, others an hour; a sentence would spark off a thought and I would take out my study bible to read further or to jot down some thoughts in my journal.

This morning, I started with the book of James and ended up reading parts of other epistles that talk about the inseparable link between faith and works, belief and behaviour. As I read verse after verse, I am convicted of what God desires of us; little human beings placed here on this beautiful earth for these brief and fleeting years. If we can truly love God and love any other human being as we love ourselves, that is all there is to the secret of abundant joy. Because all other concerns, illusions, anxieties of the world would go away and nothing would be done out of duty or fear, but simply because love has truly permeated every pore of our souls. It isn’t easy for sure, and I am still nowhere near this simple yet profound state. However, I know that this is worth pursuing for the rest of my life and beyond.

It boggles my mind to contemplate how deep and wide God’s love is for each and every one of us. To be utterly loved in spite of who we are with our secrets, annoying habits and unlovable moments? How amazing it is! All I can say is thank you for giving me each brand new day with my daily bread that is nothing more, nothing less than what I really need.



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