100 Happy Days / Day 98: Rainy Encounter

I turn my bicycle into the first building I see as the rain drops started pelting down. It is a church and I figure I can find a spot to sit down and wait out the rain. Sitting on one of the large brown benches, I look up and watch the drops get bigger and bigger as they pour themselves out of the grey sky. They look so beautiful. Suddenly I notice a presence beside me.


A middle-aged man is sitting on my bike with a grin on his face. I am stunned for a moment and he starts to move away. “Er, that’s my bike!”

He smiles and stops. “How much is this bike?” And this is how my conversation with James started.


After taking my bicycle on a test ride, he offers me some chocolate cake but I was not hungry.

“What are you doing here?”

“I am taking shelter from the rain.”

“Where do you stay?”

“I stay around Kovan.”

“I work here. I am a cleaner. Are you a Christian?”

“Yes. I go to Charis Methodist Church.”

“I see many Christians and not all of them are good. Some of them have crosses in their cars but sigh…”

We talk for a little while before someone interrupted our conversation. James returns soon after with a coffee for himself and tea for me.

“When do you want the rain to stop?”

“As soon as possible.”

“Come, lift up both of your hands like this.”

Bemused, I follow his action and he says after 5 seconds, “30 minutes”.

“Haha, you can sense when it will stop?”

We go on to talk about his family, my family and the coincidence that we stay 3 blocks away from each other.

“I am a bad person.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I smoke. Do you want a smoke too?” He grins and pulls out a tin box with some thin cigarettes.

“Well, not everyone who smokes is bad, and not everyone who doesn’t smoke is good. Why are these cigarettes so thin?”

“I made them myself. Took some tobacco and rolled them together.”

I don’t think smoking is good for the body but I admire his skill.

After 30 minutes, the rain did stop.

“You should go now. Next time come by and say hello again.”

“Sure, take care and bye bye!”

What a nice unexpected rainy encounter 🙂


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