100 Happy Days / Day 99: Blessed

Two big donations for our Oxfam Trailwalker Japan fundraising efforts came in today. One of them is from my ex-boss, who is coincidentally Kenneth’s current boss. We feel so touched and thankful!

Sometimes we can never really predict how our actions can affect others. Like a stack of firewood delivered unexpectedly in the thick of winter, the kindness and generosity of others simply lights up the cold dark world.

There is still empathy. There is still the willingness to give. Thank God for that!

Over the last few weeks, many other friends have also chipped in to donate and support Oxfam’s work in disaster relief and poverty alleviation.

With our decision to take up the 100km challenge in 48 hours, we have now helped to raise awareness of Oxfam and raised a substantial amount of funds that far exceeds our initial expectations! I am so happy that in our own way, we managed to do something for others who need a hand up across the globe.

This is not only a big morale booster for us as a team but it also helps to allay my sheepish feelings of returning to Japan so soon after I have spent a long time there.

I feel absolutely blessed right now!



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