A long ride under the sun

In our small island state of 716.1 km² in diminutive size, the sun pours down its warmth and light with no reservation. There are no changing of seasons here, and the weather only moves between very hot or hot and rainy.

I muse over this as the sweat is sizzling on my skin at noon. I can barely think as the heat wraps me up like a piece of meat left on the grill. There are mainly only construction workers out under the sun, a few random pedestrians, and me, the girl on a bicycle with a straw hat. I really admire the workers’ ability to bear with the scorching heat and dust. Without them we would not enjoy the convenient infrastructure nor sturdy homes. This heat is also what keeps most people away from the beautiful Punggol waterway park I just passed, which is deserted at this hour.

As I pedal, I think about what really brings me joy. A few images flashed in my head and my first reaction is that most of it is not found here in Singapore. I want to go on beautiful hiking trails that will take me to vistas I cannot imagine on my own; I want to go down snowy mountains inhaling the cool air while manoeuvring my board; I want to sit in a quiet zen garden and contemplate about life; I want to meet interesting people who are joyful and living life with zest; I want to create things that will touch people’s hearts.

As I rattle these off in my head, I start to have a dialogue with myself. Am I just making excuses? Am I just not seeing what has been given to me and pining for something else out there? Can I learn to truly have fun and be joyful wherever I am?


Is this not enough? I chance upon this place as I ride towards Seletar Airport from Punggol. The sun is really bothering me and my thirsty throat, so I take a quick picture and hurriedly cycle away, hoping to reach my destination and preferably a cold cold drink soon.

I did not stop to admire its beauty nor try to find a spot to sit. I had let the sun and heat beat me down. Am I my own stumbling block?

There is so much I still need to work on! Oh cleanse my heart and head, dear Lord.


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