Go Grandriders 不老騎士

If there is one movie to watch before you reach 80, I would say watch “Go Grandriders / 不老騎士”. It is a Taiwanese documentary about a group of 17 senior citizens with an average age of 81 years.


Despite 2 of them with cancer, 4 with hearing aids, 5 with high blood pressure, 8 with coronary disease and all with symptoms of joint degeneration, they came together with a big big dream – to go around the island of Taiwan in 13 days on a motorcycle epic adventure. That’s 1178-kilometers (732-miles)!

For some of them, they never even ventured much further beyond their home-towns before that, while others were learning how to ride a motorcycle for the first time. They are just ordinary folks; your everyday grandpa and grandma. What they do have though, is an inspiring will and sense of adventure to finally live for themselves.

I kept wiping away tears during one story of a devoted man who used to bring his wife on a round-island trip yearly. He visits her grave daily and stays for around 2 hours. He decided to cast lots to seek her opinion on whether he should go on this adventure. When it was affirmative, he happily proclaimed, “that’s my wife!” Throughout the ride, he had her picture fixed on the front of the bike and as I was wiping away my tears, I kept thinking of how this should really be how a marriage is like. And it made me really want to go on more and more adventures with nuf!

What struck me too was how we tend to view the elderly as being weak and hence in need to be shielded from potential danger. It is not wrong to care for their safety, but as one of the doctors said about the leader who had to be hospitalised, the emotional hurt from not being able to continue with the journey would be worse to bear compared to the physical pains and discomforts. Within their aged outward shell are young and fun loving hearts that still yearn for adventure. I was thinking – when I am that old, I would not want to play it safe and sit at home all day to avoid danger. If I am already that old, I too, want to be out there living life to the max and enjoying it.

If you don’t have time to watch the 80-min movie, perhaps you can watch this advertisement which was inspired by their stories.

The question was asked, “what do people live for?”

What do you live for?


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