Take me to another place

The moment took me by surprise. I was waiting for the sun to go down a little more before I return to trimming my clay works.

I saw a picture of a beautiful painting and came to this site where unexpectedly, guitar plucking started. It was playing Big Eyes by Matt Corby. As his voice came through, I was taken away.

I was no longer in my chair, I was somewhere else across time. A place where I had spent a quiet afternoon watching the sun shift its gaze through the window pane. A place I didn’t know I had kept away in a corner of my heart, which now seemed as far away like another lifetime. There is an emptiness in that room that drew me in and yet blocked me out without any answers. 

I want to remember this moment because sometimes we have walked so far, we forget what we have left behind and picked up. I have never heard this song before but yet, there was something in there. It seems as if the singer had been to such a similar room before. 
It is hard to place into words the emotions I am feeling now, but I want to just linger and stay in that room for a little while more.


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